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December 9, 2022

Vitalia Senior Residences at Strongsville Prepares for Possible Holiday Blues

Category: Health & Wellness

Author: Aaron Blevins, Regional Wellness Coordinator

For many the holiday season is a joyful, happy time built around togetherness, family, and friends, but for some it can be very stressful and filled with overwhelming expectations, depression, and anxiety. The holiday season can be a reminder of those who are not with us anymore, financial limitations, sadness from being separated from loved ones, and the loss of treasured traditions. Celebrating this time of year doesn’t have to be a sad or overwhelming time. It can be a peaceful time of reminiscing, volunteering, spending time with friends, and creating new traditions!

Residents commonly experience depression during the holidays due to family not visiting or being involved as much as the resident may feel they should be. They also may have memories of their husband or wife that recently passed away or a family member or friend they always spent the holidays with that will not be spending the holiday this season.

Signs to monitor would be oversleeping, being easily agitated, anxiousness, and irritation. These are all signs of depression and increased stress.

We can help eliminate the holiday blues for our residents by trying to involve them in as many events as possible. Check in with the residents a little more often. We want these residents to feel loved and wanted, as well as engaged with the community.

Loneliness is one of the most common causes of depression in the elderly during the holiday season. Try pairing residents that may not have family members together, for dining or other engagement activities. We want these residents to build a friendship with each other.

We encourage by being involved in the traditions of the community, making sure residents know we are serious and engaged in all the community activities. We want to encourage them to participate as well.

The holiday season means different things to each of us. The holidays are about family, friends, food, and tradition. For many, the smells, taste, and decorations bring memories flooding back. We at Vitalia Senior Residences at Strongsville hope some of these ideas will be helpful as the holidays approach.

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