Redefining dignity for residents with dementia.

We understand that picking the right environment for a loved one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. At VITALIA®, our staff is trained to provide quality personalized care so you can set aside being a primary caregiver and start to be family again.

The memory care neighborhood has been designed to be welcoming, comfortable, and easy to navigate for residents. By focusing on dignity, quality of life, and independence, we strive to ensure all residents feel respected and cared for as they age, regardless of what they remember today or tomorrow.

Memory Care Apartments

Finding that perfect balance between security and engagement is certainly a tricky line to walk. Memory Care at VITALIA® is all about residents having a private space to call their own while also being a part of daily activity throughout the community. Residents are free to explore the halls of the community and engage with one another, the environment, and interactive events, while always being able to return to their private apartments as they like.

Assigned Life Enrichment Coordinators

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We believe quality care begins with strong relationships. We pair Life Enrichment Coordinators and residents as a team – so personalized bonds of trust and friendship can be developed over time.

Residents should never feel monitored. At the same time, we know that security and the well-being of residents is of the utmost importance. The design of the memory care cottage focuses not just on comfort and ease of navigation, but on security. We make every effort to integrate resident safety systems in discreet ways so that their home is always welcoming and warm.


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Life Stations

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Specialized activity stations, called Life Stations™, are dotted strategically throughout Memory Care to promote engagement opportunities for residents. Designed to resemble important aspects of life, each station is intended to capture residents’ attention and promote a sense of purpose. Our Life Enrichment Coordinators also create life boxes that are specific to residents!

Caring for a person with memory loss can be an exhausting, frustrating endeavor. Some caregivers can feel cornered and as though restricting activity is the only solution. VITALIA® has the training and resources to make sure residents are engaged with life.


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Specialized Dining

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The culinary program in our memory care is designed specifically to overcome many of the challenges associated with dementia. Often, dementia sufferers will lose their appetite or have tastes change on a whim. Our dining services engage the senses to arouse the appetite and promote healthy eating to maximize nutrition. A poor diet only exaserbates memory problems, so we work diligently to avoid that.

Alzheimer’s and other dementias can make once automatic grooming habits seem impossible. Residents at VITALIA® receive daily attention in this area, as well as regular trips to our salon. We want to ensure that they always feel presentable and proud of their appearance.

Salon Services

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Advanced Training

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Our on-going dedication to excellence means that not only do our Life Enrichment Coordinators undergo training in empathy, communication, and personal care, but we mandate that education is a continual process.

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