Don’t just survive. It’s time to thrive.

Wellness at VITALIA® means more than just caring for the body. We recognize that a person has physical, psychological, emotional, social, and intellectual needs. We care for the whole person and will work with you to formulate a plan to achieve your goals.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Every success story that we’ve had has been because we insist on treating those in our care as a whole person. They do not conform to any “norm” or “expectation.” We assess each person individually and work with them and their family to find the best path forward for them and only them.

Holistic Care

We address physical, psychological, emotional, social, and intellectual health to make sure that nothing is neglected.

Care Planning

We don’t just address problems as they arise. We set goals with residents and actively work to achieve those goals. And our holistic care is often preventative!

Personal Choice

No care is administered without your input and consent. We do everything by your schedule and in compliance with your wishes.


Utilizing every tool in our arsenal

Foresite passive health monitoring is available to our assisted living and memory care residents. Our use of technology allows us to take better care than ever before. We are able to monitor health and wellness in unobtrusive ways that maintain privacy.