Spring Cleaning Week

When I think of spring cleaning I think of taking a top down approach. At VITALIA Senior Residences® at Strongsville Strongsville, OH we start with any cobwebs on the ceiling that may have grown over the long, cold winter months. After that, we wash light fixture glass and lenses. The team then turns their attention to windows, curtains and blinds, chair rails, and baseboards. Final attention is given to deep extraction of carpet and washing all area rugs.

The benefits of spring cleaning are a sense of pride and accomplishment that satisfies the heart and soul when you’re finished. The eye is pleased when you see all the clean and gleaming surfaces. If you use the proper cleaning tools and chemicals a fresh, crisp aroma fills the olfactory nerve endings, and a general feeling of healthiness is felt in the community.

Almost anything could fall under the spring cleaning category: a boat, a R/V, or travel trailer. I know my garage and tool shed could clearly use some cleaning. The winter salt has made a mess there, larger than I’d like to admit. Every day I’m reminded I need to scrub the interior in my truck. I wonder if the book Spring Cleaning for the Soul might be a worthwhile read? It’s by Joy Krause, she was a featured author in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. Seems it may be well worth my time, all things considered.