Deaf Awareness

I believe the First Alert Smoke Alarm with LED Strobe Light would be very useful for seniors living with hearing loss. This device would give peace of mind and security to a senior with hearing loss. If a fire were to occur, they would not need to depend on hearing a fire alarm to be alerted.

Our seniors would benefit from having access to new technologies for hearing loss so they could continue to maintain their independence. A good option for maintaining independence would be the Hanging Door Knob Knocking Alert system to ensure a proper notification happens prior to a staff member entering their apartment.

Technology can help improve communication for seniors by giving them the opportunity to voice their needs and concerns in other ways than just voicing them. Technology has given residents the ability to hear again and maintain their independence. Our team at VITALIA® Strongsville does a great job of individualizing every resident’s needs when it comes to communication so we can give the best care possible.