VITALIA Strongsville Employee Appreciation Day

March 2022 – Executive Director Danielle Kencson

As Executive Director of Vitalia Strongsville Senior Living, I consider my team as not only co-workers but family. Everyone here watches out for one another and has each other’s backs. Our team communicates well with one another and we know when someone is having a bad day. That’s when others are willing to step in to help out.

At Strongsville, we have been hit with multiple emergency situations, including a massive power outage, where our main power lines were cut leaving us without power for over eight hours. The team pulled together to ensure food was made and ready for all residents in time for lunch and dinner. We got creative and provided resident activities throughout the day and special areas were set up for residents to visit with department heads.

We will be having a fun, laid-back day where the employees can spend time with the residents and co-workers for Employee Appreciation Day. Different game stations will be set up throughout the community for them to take a moment to have some fun. The break room will offer a variety of snacks. I show gratitude throughout the year by giving the employees handwritten cards with a personal message, letting them know they are appreciated. I also walk around and hand out gift cards as a special treat.